The "TAKE OFF" Celebration Ticket

  • $750.00
- $-750.00


LOCATION IS Huntsville AL. The venue will be announced at a later date as well as the hotel that will have a room block.

The "TAKE OFF" ticket gets you access to

-DREAM GIRL CELEBRATION REVIVAL...A powerful manifestation and guided meditation session held on Friday February 18th @7pm-11pm. This is the night you'll get to put every desire of your heart in the air and set forth on an enlightened path to make it a reality. Trust us, if it's in your heart, it's for you! Manifestation is real and powerful. 

-DREAM GIRL CELEBRATION BRUNCH of the most impactful, liberating, and inspirational brunch experiences ever. Hosted by Stormi Steele, master manifestor, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. Also enjoy a panel of inspirational millionaire speakers.You'll leave with an elevated mindset and perspective necessary to change the trajectory of your life in record speed. Date SATURDAY February 19th @11am-3pm

-DREAM GIRL CELEBRATION BASH....You can't miss this! What's a more perfect way to end the night than with a party to celebrate and welcome all the greatness that is to come. SATURDAY February 19th @10pm-2am

Sunday will be a day of intimate personal time spent with Stormi and other speakers from the event. You'll be able to freely talk and ask any questions you'd like. It's truly girl time and a complete VIBE.

-DREAM GIRL YOGA POW WOW... SUNDAY February 20th @1pm-2:30

-DREAM GIRL Table for 30 dinner.. SUNDAY February 20th 7:30pm-10pm

Stormi has directly and indirectly impacted the lives of many. You're up next. Get ready to take off.